Days 'Till Oktoberfest (Sept 25th/26th)



Redmond Kiwanis frequently considers worthwhile causes that need either manpower or funding. If you wish your organization or cause to be reviewed, please fill out the forms reached by the links below:

Redmond Kiwanis Funds Request Application

Redmond Kiwanis Volunteer Request Application






Ordinary People Performing Extraordinary Work


The Kiwanis Club of Redmond improves the lives of the youth and families of Redmond and the surrounding communities through increasing hours of service, dollars of support and positive role models for the youth and future leaders of the community.

Redmond Kiwanis Goals

  • To assess needs and select targeted service projects that will make a difference in the lives of many youth and families in Redmond and the surrounding communities.
  • To provide support for disadvantaged youth and families
  • To provide support to other child service organizations by providing hours of services by members and dollars of support by the club.
  • To provide positive service and leadership role models for youth and families in Redmond and surrounding communities.
  • To enlarge the membership in the Kiwanis Club of Redmond though selective recruiting and providing positive experience for members.
  • To provide current club members the benefit of fellowship, networking, leadership development and service opportunities.